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There aren’t too many rules on D-Street. But we do have some codes to live by:

  • Ask questions, even if think your questions are silly.
  • Don’t be afraid to act like a kid.
  • Be nice to each other.

Some policies
Weather: Tours operate rain or shine. We encourage you to dress for the weather. On those rare days when the rain and wind are really out of control, we may cancel a tour. If we do, we’ll contact you ASAP and refund your money or reschedule you on another tour. We can’t offer a refund if we didn’t cancel the tour, sorry. If you’re uncertain, you can always call (415-663-6768) to see if the tour is still on.

Refunds: If we don’t have the minimum number of people we need for a tour, we may cancel it. Or we may not, and you might get your own private tour! If we do cancel, we’ll let you know ASAP and refund your money or reschedule you for another tour.

Tour completion: You’re not required to complete the tour, though of course, we’ll be sad if you leave early. If you have to part ways with us, we’ll still have to charge you for the whole tour.

Return to starting point: If a tour ends in a different place than it begins,  a representative from D-Street will escort participants back to the starting point. D-Street is not responsible for parking fees or tickets incurred while on a tour, even if the timing of the tour goes beyond what was predicted. We encourage you to use public transit, bicycles, and/or your own happy feet, because driving and parking in this town just isn’t much fun.

Lost souls: Participants are responsible for staying with the group. San Francisco is place laden with endless distractions and wonderments on its streets. We love them all, but we only have time to marvel at a few of them. We’ll keep a sane pace, so even an urban shuffler can keep up.

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