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D-Street FAQ

“What is Discovery Street?”

D-Street is the geographic center of your curiosity. It’s a place where you get your hands into things and explore the world. It’s where you ask questions, dig up answers, and learn something that surprises you. It’s a state of mind, where you map the nature of things onto real life experiences.

“Thanks for that lofty thought. But what do we do on Discovery Street tours?”

A Discovery Street tour is a unique kind of walking tour. It’s not a nature walk or a history lesson. We interact with the landscape. We talk about science. We explore properties of everyday things.

A Discovery Street tour starts in a park or public space, where we have a short introductory chat about the subject of our tour, and do some kind of hands-on learning activity, often involving something edible. You can do the activity as a group, by yourself, or just watch. From there, we walk to several nearby interesting places and ponder the science we find there. Why was this skyscraper built this way? Why is some of the tea in this shop green and other tea black? Along the way, we have more science activities, and have a chance to get to know each other.

How strenuous are the tours? Can I skip going to the gym that day?

Different tours have different levels of difficulty. Most are about 2 miles and offer a reasonable amount of exercise. Some tours are quite hilly; sometimes the interesting science is way at the top. Other tours are flatter. So, you might be able to skip the gym, or you might not. Either way, we keep you going by bringing you to little-known parks, surprising alleyways, and splendiferous viewpoints.

How long does a tour take?

Most tours take about 2 1/2 hours.

Who goes on Discovery Street tours?

On a D-Street tour, you’re likely to meet people of all ages who are active, curious, and enjoy exploring the city. We’ve had 6-year-olds and 76-year-olds, engineers and artists, teenagers and their parents. What they all have in common is a sense of exploration.

How about a D-Street tour as a date?

Discovery Street tours are great date outings. What’s better than an afternoon of learning, exploring, and getting hands-on with someone you’re all oogly about?

What about families? Can I bring my kids?

Sure! Discovery Street is a great place for young explorers. Because of the distance and time involved, we suggest that kids be 13 or older. Then again, we’ve seen littler kids who can walk for miles and pay attention to science all day. Use your best judgement.

Can I bring my parents?

Discovery Street Tours are great for adults. In fact, we encourage you youngsters to get your parents outside to do some learning and experimenting with you! Some of our tours (those involving alcohol) are for parents only, though. And of course, adults of all ages and persuasions are welcome.

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