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What they’re saying about Discovery Street:

“The Discovery Street Bread and Cheese Tour far exceeded our expectations! What fun! Robin is gregarious and really knows her city and her science. The tour was the perfect balance of walking, eating, and socializing with people from all over, who shared our love of learning, science, and cheese! We’re looking forward to more Discovery Street tours.”

Mark Smallwood and Taffy Everts, Boulder Creek, CA

“We saw picturesque neighborhood alleys that I never knew existed, and took in sweeping panoramic views of the city and the bay. All the while, Robin had us thinking about the things we were seeing and doing in a new way. Her charismatic personality made the tour an entertaining and enlightening experience. Thumbs up to Discovery Street!”

Max Eissler, Oakland, CA

“It was a delight to meet local shop owners while tasting and learning about their offerings. Robin really knows the city and its streets, and some interesting science! All in all, a great way to learn about San Francisco.”

— Victoria Senkpiel, Stockholm, Sweden

“The ‘Invented in SF Tour’ was full of neat surprises I don’t think I would have learned on my own. This tour really lends insight into the ‘can-do’ nature of the city’s spirit, and Robin is a captivating storyteller.  She took time to answer questions and has a great sense of wit and humor about her.  The ‘science-y’ twists and little experiments our group did during the tour made it fun and interactive;  an added bonus that helped to make this tour very entirely unique, just like this city.

“I would recommend this particular tour and Discovery Street Tours to anyone.  Bring friends with you.  It’s a great thing to do in a group.”

Ann Cun, San Francisco

“I had a great time yesterday (on the San Francisco Rocks tour). Love this hands-on way of learning science! You made it really fun and easy and I also loved being out and about while doing it. I’ll definitely sign up for another one.”

— Kerrie Hein, Berkeley

“I adored the ‘San Francisco Rocks’ tour! I knew SF was famous for its geology, but now I have a whole new perspective on the hills. The science really added to the scenery, and now I know all about the earth moving under my feet. A really unique way to learn about the city!”

— Susan Champion, Seattle, WA

“I still think about all the things I learned on the ‘Invented in San Francisco’ and ‘Science of Bread and Cheese’ tours. Robin Marks is an über-expert urban explorer who seems to possess a wealth of scientific knowledge and has an engaging, patient, clear teaching style. At the end of the tours, I felt like I’d learned a ton, seen some beautiful hidden corners of the city, gotten some exercise, and met a bunch of really nice people — an added bonus I hadn’t anticipated.”

— Juliana Gallin, San Francisco

One Response to Testimonials

  1. Ebba Akerman, Atherton, CA says:

    The San Francisco Rocks tour both showed the beauty of the neighborhoods we walked through, as well directing our attention to the hidden wonders of the Earth’s crust, movements and history. I would recommend this tour to anyone with a sweet tooth and who enjoy seeing a city from the perspective of millions of years. A humbling experience to say the least, and it left me with a whole new appreciation of the rolling hills of SF!